HR Standards

If a CEO or CFO has a Head of HR who doesn’t believe in HR standards – move them on.

In order to evaluate performance you need standards – every performance auditor understands that. Aside from performance evaluation (which is justification enough) setting HR standards improves the quality and consistency of HR practice, clarifies the value created by HR management, focuses on better practice with timely revisions to practitioner guidance, clarifies definitions and evaluation metrics and measures, identifies sources of evidence for performance evaluation and establishes a sound platform for big data analytics.

Selected Literature - Australia

HR Standards: An Australian Story: http://works.bepress.com/chris_andrews/6/

The role of benchmarking in establishing standards for the evaluation of HR (PowerPoint): http://works.bepress.com/chris_andrews/5/

The development of national advisory standards for the professional practice of HR in Australian universities: http://works.bepress.com/chris_andrews/2/

[Sample Standard]: Workforce Planning – Bond University http://works.bepress.com/chris_andrews/3/

[Sample Standard]: Industrial Relations – Bond University http://works.bepress.com/chris_andrews/4/

There are further examples of HR standards in the Universities' HR Standards project tab (above).

Selected Literature - Worldwide