BSI, the business standards company, has published BS 76000 Human resource - Valuing people- Management system - Requirements and guidance.  From the website:

BS 76000 provides a framework for organizations to value people, for the mutual benefit of both parties. 

This principles-based management system standard is based on the premise that people are an organization’s biggest asset and should be treated as such – so the organization gets the most out of them and people get the most out of their working life.

Central principles are:

  • The interests of staff and other stakeholders are integral to the best interests of an organization
  • The organization is part of wider society and has a responsibility to operate in a fair and socially responsible manner
  • Commitment to valuing people should come from the most senior leaders of an organization 
  • The people who work for an organization have rights over and above those in law or regulation, and these rights and legal protections are respected by the organization
  • Each principle is of equal importance.

It is behind the paywall and costs 174 pounds for non-members.