The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), through the accredited standards developers, have published three national standards:

* Cost-per-hire (a 43 page measurement standard)

* Performance Management

* Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention.

In the drafting phase are: Workforce Planning, Job Descriptions, HR Metrics & Reporting, Turnover Definition (a measurement standard) and three diversity related standards.

The diversity related standards are: top diversity professional, diversity & inclusion programs, and diversity metrics.

Source: Cascio & Boudreau 2014

Comment: The challenge of keeping HR Standards feasible at scale is evident here: some early drafts look too complex for the 97.9% of U.S. businesses that have less than 100 employees.

The Earliest Standard:

Standardization derives from the need to create a community that enhances not only the needs of an individual but all other contributing members. While standardization bodies have only been present for the past century, the process of standardizing techniques for industry has been around even before the human species and occurred naturally for some time …  The Oldowan Industry  initially appeared at the beginning of the Stone Age, approximately 2.6 million years ago. 

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